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Without Giving Up Your Results

Elite Life Balance helps you to stress less, enjoy more and finally feel the accomplishment you deserve. 

Elite Life Balance - SOLD OUT!

and get your free Ebook!

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What you resist persists. (3).png

Unlock the secret to more time: 
Gain the power to prioritize what matters most in your life and create
the time you want to enjoy It.

Uncover your focus and presence:
Revitalise your life experience by amplifying your sense of calm and relaxation daily.

By the end of the
Elite Life Balance program, you will…

Unleash unprecedented accomplishment:
Redefine your feeling of success and soar to unimaginable heights of satisfaction.

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Do you resonate with any of the following in your life?

What you resist persists. (1).jpg

Do you constantly feel busy, stressed, and lacking relaxation and presence? Are you always on the go and finding it difficult to unwind and enjoy the moment?


"I'm so stressed out all the time. I can't remember the last time I felt relaxed."

Do you struggle with time management and prioritisation? Are you juggling multiple responsibilities and commitments, and finding it hard to keep up?


"I'm always running around, never able to catch a break. I can't remember the last time I just enjoyed the moment or took time for myself."

What you resist persists. (2).jpg
What you resist persists. (3).jpg

Are you prioritising work or academic success over personal relationships, hobbies, and self-care? Is your life feeling unbalanced as a result? 

"I barely have time for my family and friends. My work always seems to take over."

Do you find it difficult to feel lasting satisfaction, accomplishment, or success? Are you constantly chasing the next goal without taking time to enjoy the present moment? 

"As soon as I achieve one goal, I'm on to the next. I never really get to enjoy my accomplishments."

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What is Elite Life Balance?

This program has been specifically designed for ambitious busy professionals who are ready to get that something more from life. To finally get that missing piece they were not able to discover alone.

Three Primary Outcomes You Will Achieve

Gain the power to prioritise what matters most in your life and unlock the secret to more time, creating the time you want to enjoy it.

Revitalise your life experience and amplify your sense of calm and relaxation daily by uncovering your focus and presence.

Redefine your feeling of success and unleash unprecedented accomplishment, soaring to unimaginable heights of satisfaction.


This program is not about consuming endless hours of content. It’s about implementation and results.

How Do We Get These Results Together?

You will be able to have these outcomes in just 4 weeks through intensive powerful live group facilitation and interactive coaching sessions.

Here is everything you will get when you join!

  • 7 Part Live Facilitated System (€1997)
    to walk through step by step to maximise your results quickly

  • 4 Live Interactive Group Coaching Sessions (€997)
    so you smash through challenges and accelerate your success

  • 1:1 Onboarding Call with Daniel (€297)
    to identify your gaps and highlight exactly what to focus on

  • 24/7 Community & Support Group (€297)
    for maximum support to get you the incredible outcomes you want

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Total Value = €3,785  /  Your Price = €197

Plus Bonus for Registering Today

  • 1:1 Graduation Call with Daniel (€297)
    to celebrate you and set you up with you next wins

  • Mini-Coaching session workbooks (€197)
    to connect you even deeper with subconscious truths

  • Lifetime Access to Session Recordings (€197)
    for even more growth through unlimited replays

  • 1 month Vault of Transformations Subscription (€59)
    for even more growth through unlimited replays

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  • One off €499 scholarship towards Reconnect Advanced Program

And that is not all, as a limited time offer - the first through the door and confirmed on OPENING DAY will receive an action taker coupon valued at €100

Total Value €5,034   /  Get all this for JUST €97

Get first in line to ensure your spot on opening day  COMING SOON! 


Limited spots available and will sell out fast. Get first in line for Elite Life Balance and also get your FREE Ebook.

and receive Three Toxic Lies Ebook FREE

Three Toxic Lies
that keep you busy, stressed, and unfulfilled

Feeling exhausted trying to “do it all” yet, it’s never quite enough? On some level you probably believe at least one of these 3 toxic lies. Consume it in an hour and watch your entire life change as your new perspectives create even more empowered choices. Click below for your instant download.

Are you constantly feeling stressed and burnt out, unable to relax and enjoy the present moment? Do you find yourself juggling multiple responsibilities and struggling to manage your time? As a high-achiever, do you often prioritise work or academic success over personal relationships and self-care, leading to an unbalanced life?

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and receive your free Ebook today!

About Daniel Lawson

Daniel Lawson is a seasoned personal development coach and entrepreneur with extensive training in psychology and transformational mindset coaching practices. He holds top accreditations through the International Coach Guild and is a lifelong learner enrolled at the International Coaching Institute. With expertise in Meta Dynamics, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Internal Family Systems Therapy, among other modalities, Daniel has an arsenal of tools to help his clients succeed.

What you resist persists_edited.png

For Daniel, personal development is the ultimate adventure, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. He has worked across various industries and events, consulting and facilitating with a focus on helping individuals become the best version of themselves.

Daniel's diverse background and extensive training make him a credible and experienced coach with notable demonstrated success in guiding clients to achieve their goals and create fulfilling lives.



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Jane Anderson


Don't be fooled by his youthful look. Dan's coaching skills are solid. He is ready to be one of the best mindset coaches but it's often us who may need to check in with ourselves whether we are ready to be coached. In each session, I had been transcended to places I didn't know I could go (in my mind that is). At the end of the sessions, I had more clarity as a result. Dan often said that we already have answers within ourselves but they might be locked in our mind's secret compartments. I'd say he holds the key to those hard-to-reach compartments.

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Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 2.46.05 pm (1).png

Allan Curme

United Kingdom

For me, Dan embodied much of what I was trying to achieve and so I reached out to him for coaching. Besides the fact he's just a good all-round solid dude he has a way about him that just makes you feel comfortable to be who you are. Dan asks the right questions for you to be able to see where it is you need to step up in order to reach your goals. Ultimately, our success is all down to us but a coach, a good coach, will get you there faster. I've enjoyed working with Dan and he's helped me get to the foundations of what it is I need to do to build the future I've not always believed is possible.

Dan was the mindset coach at a weeklong business training bootcamp I attended. When I met him, I quickly noticed his levels of awareness, wisdom, and empathy were way off the charts.

In addition to his presentations, we had some great one-on-one time, and he was able to ask me the right questions and offer insight to help me learn more about myself and how I was getting in my own way.
A week later: I’ve been more attentive, present, and assertive with people, and my marriage improved instantly. I’ve also been taking better care of myself, allowing myself to feel more, express more, and loosen up. I’ve even had greater self-discipline and, what’s more, have acknowledged and appreciated myself for it! It's worth noting that Dan achieved a high level of success BEFORE he became a coach.

If you feel like something's not quite right in your life, but you just can't put your finger on the source of the problem, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you work with Dan. Especially if you consider yourself a “lone wolf” in some way.

Joel Echols

United States
337167838_961127738399164_3006389299765529667_n (1).jpeg
Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 2.35.27 pm (1).png

Working with Dan is so rewarding! Every session is tailored to my specific needs depending on my challenge that was relevant at the moment. Dan’s ability to pinpoint the right issue is amazing and by asking me just one or two questions, we manage to deep dive into a specific topic and progress through it while opening to the potential solutions and insights. I feel empowered yet relaxed with confidence that I have the right tool and conscious awareness to take action. Thank you, Daniel!

You are worth your future outcomes!


Get this 4 week program for JUST €97

Start Your Transformation Today! 
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