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Does this sound like you?

You are a high achiever

You are passionate

You have a bias for action

Yet, you crave something more from life…

You are in the right place.

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Your potential is greater than you imagine.

A major challenge you face as a high achiever is that your desire to help others solve their challenges is greater than theirs. You play at a level for them which they cannot see in themselves as being possible.

I am an expert at taking high-achievers from around the world to the greatest levels of fulfilment, contentment, and success in life. And here’s what I know about you:

Despite your success - doing more of what you're already doing isn't going to create the outcomes you crave most for you. In fact, the very qualities that have led to your current success could be what's holding you back from achieving even more.

Through my work, I've identified seven qualities of high-achievers that both propel them forward and hold them back at the same time. Together, we'll work to unlock your true potential and take your success to the next level.

Does this sound familiar to you?

1 / You are an extremely talented problem solver

Your analytical mind is highly attuned to scanning for emotional upsets and challenges within others, which energizes and motivates you to jump to immediate solutions. However, trying to out-logic situations can lead to a tendency to avoid dealing with the underlying issues within friendships, romantic relationships, colleagues, or clients, which can lead to frustration or feeling unappreciated.

2 / You seek perfection

Everything you do, you do with such a high standard. It means you get wonderful results where you are already highly competent. However, it also leads to a never-ending cycle of pressure and expectations. This can create an unconscious pattern of remaining in your comfort zone because the fear of not meeting your high standards would mean a perceived failure in the eyes of those around you. This makes it difficult to create change where you are longing for most, resulting in avoidance strategies instead.

3 / You are future-focused 

You have a strong orientation towards the future, which enables you to be proactive and take action on your ideas quickly. However, this focus can also cause you to overlook the patterns of challenges that repeatedly show up in your life. Even through mindfulness, yoga, self-care, etc., you are likely challenged by feeling like there is a scarcity of time to get everything done or can rarely appreciate the present moment for all it is.


Your gifts have become your challenges.

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4 / You don't need help

Well, you don’t. People are in awe of what you know and what you do. You are the caretaker of others, so you don’t need support. Therefore, you are missing your own internal support team. The team that champions you for all that you do, acknowledges you for the wins, and celebrates you. The internal team that appreciates you and cares for you when you need it most to reach the emotional security that you crave.

5 / You have strong empathy for others

You are naturally attuned to the emotional discomforts of those who you care about and which you have empathy for. You have a tendency to put their needs before yours to please them into feeling comfortable again. As a result, you are less inclined to know how to express and meet your own needs, leaving a void, emotional numbness, or shutting down when emotionally triggered.

6 / You are likeable & adaptable

You know what to say and do to fit in quickly and be liked by others. You can easily be the person others need you to be to feel okay. This probably comes at the expense of having healthy personal boundaries and feeling like you have to hide parts of yourself or play a certain role as not to 'rock the boat'. Thus, it is likely you’ve been holding yourself back from discovering and expressing your true authentic self and connecting with true belonging for who you are.

7 / You have high self awareness

You have already been involved with personal development practices, courses, workshops, books for a while and pride yourself on how much you have already grown. But it’s this very awareness that also tells you something is not connecting, and you’re left wondering what else you need to do to create the changes that you want.


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