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Discover the success of Dan's clients and community members with what they share about his coaching.

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Tobias Vestman


Working with Dan has been a great experience. He has really helped me understand myself better. His ability to ask the right questions and dig deeper has allowed me to identify the things that have been holding me back from achieving the results I want. He has also given me the tools to improve in these areas of my life. Dan creates a very safe environment and has been a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to start working with a coach

Tobias Madsen


Everyone should have a coach and every entrepreneur should know about Dan. He is an absolute star that has meant the world to me in a time where I was feeling stuck. I am amazed what just a few coaching sessions have done to my perspective and the results I am creating. If you take your journey seriously and have a good self-development practice, Dan can definitely help you pivot and take you to the next level. Highly recommend!

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Kathryn Kassab


Dan has an incredible way of asking questions that helped me have some big breakthroughs within the FIRST session with him. Each session with him after that continued to give me more and more clarity on how I can 10x every area of my life. I was pretty blown away to be honest. Highly recommend!!

For me working with Dan was a miraculous process of scanning my subconscious operational system, to realise where the actual problem is coming from. He showed me clearly that everything we do or not do in life comes from our belief system and sometimes it could be challenging to understand where does the reason for our self-sabotaging behaviour lie, especially if we are trying to figure it out by ourselves. I was always dreaming of doing something of great personal significance but never get round to doing anything about it, finding different excuses and getting stuck in other life experiences. Dan has helped me to find ways to overcome my procrastination and emotional overload, which was draining my energy. The negative self-talk was another big problem in my head and Dan let me see that with the right methods and guidance I can build new habits and walk towards my success without doubt and confusion. The sessions with Dan are a game-changer for me, his dedication and passion for this complicated work amuse me and I can only highly recommend his coaching to everyone who wants to reach their ideal life. Thank you, Dan Lawson.

Gena Krumova

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Jane Anderson


Don't be fooled by his youthful look. Dan's coaching skills are solid. He is ready to be one of the best mindset coaches but it's often us who may need to check in with ourselves whether we are ready to be coached. In each session, I had been transcended to places I didn't know I could go (in my mind that is). At the end of the sessions, I had more clarity as a result. Dan often said that we already have answers within ourselves but they might be locked in our mind's secret compartments. I'd say he holds the key to those hard-to-reach compartments.

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Allan Curme

United Kingdom

For me, Dan embodied much of what I was trying to achieve and so I reached out to him for coaching. Besides the fact he's just a good all-round solid dude he has a way about him that just makes you feel comfortable to be who you are. Dan asks the right questions for you to be able to see where it is you need to step up in order to reach your goals. Ultimately, our success is all down to us but a coach, a good coach, will get you there faster. I've enjoyed working with Dan and he's helped me get to the foundations of what it is I need to do to build the future I've not always believed is possible.

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Lea Brown

I know Dan for a couple of months and I have been absolutely blown away by his knowledge, compassion & understanding. He came into my life when change was really needed. Over the past 6 months I must say I have grown so much - and this is thanks to you Dan! He is one of a kind and would recommend him with all my heart. Thank you for keeping me on track & being part of my process and the greatest support I could wish for!


I have been working with Dan for around a year and a half. The changes and improvements in my life have astonishing. Developing my connection with my feelings and emotions has enabled me to add so many layers internally and developing what my  added awareness provides me. This has enabled me to embrace the highs and the lows in the journey of life and have built so much more courage, confidence and belief in myself. Dan really dedicates himself to helping others create a life to fall in love with, and always believed in me from day one. This was just what I needed in my life at that time because I was going through an endless cycle of emptiness. I'm super pumped to continue working with Dan and shaping my reality to a higher level of more meaning, purpose and authenticity.

Dave MacLennan

United Kingdom

Dan was the mindset coach at a weeklong business training bootcamp I attended. When I met him, I quickly noticed his levels of awareness, wisdom, and empathy were way off the charts.

In addition to his presentations, we had some great one-on-one time, and he was able to ask me the right questions and offer insight to help me learn more about myself and how I was getting in my own way.
A week later: I’ve been more attentive, present, and assertive with people, and my marriage improved instantly. I’ve also been taking better care of myself, allowing myself to feel more, express more, and loosen up. I’ve even had greater self-discipline and, what’s more, have acknowledged and appreciated myself for it! It's worth noting that Dan achieved a high level of success BEFORE he became a coach.

If you feel like something's not quite right in your life, but you just can't put your finger on the source of the problem, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you work with Dan. Especially if you consider yourself a “lone wolf” in some way.

Joel Echols

United States
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Working with Dan is so rewarding! Every session is tailored to my specific needs depending on my challenge that was relevant at the moment. Dan’s ability to pinpoint the right issue is amazing and by asking me just one or two questions, we manage to deep dive into a specific topic and progress through it while opening to the potential solutions and insights. I feel empowered yet relaxed with confidence that I have the right tool and conscious awareness to take action. Thank you, Daniel!

Laura Bodniece


After just four sessions with Dan Lawson and Parallax, I experienced significant personal growth and improvement. Dan improved my self-worth and helped me recognize my personal limitations, leading to major shifts in personal acceptance and priorities. He provided a safe space for me to tell myself the truth without judgment and allowed me to begin to set myself free. I highly recommend Dan and Parallax for anyone seeking personal growth and development.

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