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About Me.

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I am not your average coach. I don’t focus on surface problems to get you surface results. Let’s go deep and achieve the real results you want.

Reveal your Power Archetype

& rapidly accelerate your potential.

I am Daniel Lawson


The secret weapon for high performers, I am the guide for those who dare to have it all.

Raised in a society that perpetuated the belief that personal development was a crutch for the broken or lacking, I built a fortress of strength and capability. I shielded myself from my deepest insecurities and fears while nurturing those around me.

My façade of success was convincing, but internally, I was confined. I devised mental strategies to keep me safe and comfortable, forever conquering challenges. I played the warrior in my world, but beneath this surface, I yearned to be the king. I desired to rule my kingdom with exhilaration and adrenaline, matched by love and peace, to experience the true satisfaction of life – a life where I could savour genuine contentment


Despite reaching the pinnacle of my career, building successful businesses, and enjoying a lavish lifestyle, an emptiness loomed large. The absence of genuine appreciation gnawed at me.

Confronting a daunting truth, I realised I had settled for mediocrity in the experience of my personal life.

This acknowledgment led me to seek guidance from those who had carved this path before me, those who had faced similar fears and emerged victorious. It drove me to turn inwards, to confront the fears, the lies, and the pain I had neglected for too long.

As I embarked on this inner journey, I discovered an edge that strengthened me as a warrior on the battlefield. But more importantly, I discovered the kingdom I had the power to reign over – my emotional experience in life, and to create it as I desired.


Today, I leverage this transformational journey to guide high performers to their peak potential. I'm the strategist who helps them navigate the volatility of life without compromising their ambition. Whether in business, relationships, health, or vitality, I empower them to excel across all dimensions of life.

This isn't about balance. It's about refusing to settle for mediocrity, thriving in adversity, and relentlessly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. It's about having it all.

If you dare to dream, dare to push beyond your limits, dare to want it all - I am here, your secret weapon, ready to guide you to reaching the top 1%.



Meet Daniel Lawson. 

Not just a man but a powerhouse of transformation and personal development. His journey in the realm of psychology, combined with a plethora of mindset coaching practices, has armed him with a unique toolbox to guide high achievers towards their peak potential.

A proud alumnus of the International Coaching Institute, Daniel is not just a participant but a perpetual student of life. His relentless pursuit of excellence has earned him top accreditations from the International Coach Guild, a testament to his commitment and prowess in the field of transformational coaching.

Daniel's mastery isn't limited to a single modality. His repertoire includes the powerful practices of Meta Dynamics, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), and more. His approach to personal development isn't merely a task; it's life's greatest adventure, an exhilarating journey into the self to unearth and rewrite the scripts that have held you captive from your ultimate self.

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But Daniel's expertise doesn't stop at personal development. He's held leadership roles across a diverse array of sectors, from logistics and technology to human resources and hospitality. Today, he helms multiple ventures, including the dynamic Parallaxx Apparel, a brand inspired by the energy of watersports, and Parallaxx Transformations, a platform dedicated to personal development.

As a dynamic consultant, facilitator, and community leader, Daniel is on a relentless mission to make transformation an accessible reality across industries and events. Through his work, he stirs a spark within individuals, empowering them to seize the reins of their lives, shatter the chains of limitation, and leap into the boundless realm of their highest potential. This is far more than a career for Daniel—it's his calling, his life's mission. He's committed to changing the world, one powerful ripple effect at a time, as each client's transformation reverberates through their reality and out into the world.


Ignoring Your Personal Success is Settling For Less.

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