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About Me.

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I am not your average coach. I don’t focus on surface problems to get you surface results. Let’s go deep and achieve the real results you want.

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Meet Daniel Lawson. 


Daniel has extensive training in psychology and a range of transformational mindset coaching practices. He is enrolled as a lifelong learner at the International Coaching Institute and has achieved top accreditations through the International Coach Guild.

He is trained in Meta Dynamics for both personal coaching and facilitation, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), among other modalities to partner with you and help you discover the thinking and behaviours that are holding you back from becoming the best possible version of yourself.

Daniel approaches the personal development process like life's ultimate adventure through the lens of a rich and broad scope of expertise.

In addition, Daniel has held management positions within logistics, technology, human resources, and hospitality. He now operates multiple businesses, including Parallaxx Apparel for watersports accessories, Parallaxx Transformations for personal development, an online community, and regularly consults and facilitates across a range of industries and events.


Meet the real me. 

My name is Daniel Lawson and I grew up in a society that helped me believe that self-help or personal development was for people who needed fixing or were broken. So, of course, my protector parts kept me safe from my inner wounds of not being good enough, and I continued to assert that I was strong, capable, and worthy by taking care of everyone around me.

Although I created a successful-looking persona, on a deeper level, I was stuck with dysfunctional mental strategies to stay safe, comfortable, and in control by choosing whatever looked like the most certain outcome. However, I had developed enough self-awareness to know that my approach to life was not giving me the life that I wanted: a life full of joy, excitement, fulfilment, peace, contentment - a life that I could say I was in love with and cherish.

I reached my ultimate career goals, built successful businesses, earned lots of money, spent lots of money, and attracted wonderful women, but it still felt empty without appreciation.

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"It was time to stop trying to reinvent the wheel, stop going at it alone, stop being ‘strong’… it was time to tap into courage and face vulnerability."


It took me longer than I’d like to admit, but after trying everything else, there was one thing left - to admit to myself that I didn’t have it all figured out.

This meant turning towards those who had come before me, those who were getting my desired results, and starting to go after what works - and then doing that!

What I discovered was that the old saying ‘turn within, all the answers are within’ wasn’t so crazy after all. But I can now also appreciate why most people will choose to reject this message…

For me, it was about turning towards my inner world experience: the fears, the lies, the untold truths, the hurt. To stop the self-abandonment and neglecting myself as I was taught from a young age. To acknowledge my inner being and take care of myself like I had always desired to be taken care of. This is about removing the mask and dissolving the role.

This journey then became about reconnecting with myself and falling back in love with myself. When I did this and approached my reality from this place, everything changed. I had finally found the answers I was seeking.


This is your life. This is your decision.‘They’ won’t make it for you.

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