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Spilling the Tea on Self-Care Mindfulness: Unwrapping the Present Moment

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Hey! Picture this: You're lounging on a plushy couch, curled up with a fuzzy blanket, with your favourite feel-good movie playing. Sound like the ultimate self-care setup, right?

Now, what if I told you there's so much more to self-care than just pampering sessions? It's about time we got real about what self-care means, and trust me, you'll wanna stick around for this.

Self care mindfulness is more than doing, it is being.

So, what's the actual deal with self-care mindfulness? It's not just about chilling out at a spa with a face mask on whilst getting a foot rub. Nah, it goes deeper than that. It's about looking after yourself - body, mind, and soul. It’s about cherishing your needs, and more importantly, you. Yep, you heard it right. You're top of the list, buddy!

Now, here's a little secret: a huge part of self-care is all about living in the now. I know, I know, easier said than done, right? We're all guilty of daydreaming about the future or dwelling on the past. But let's take a moment to appreciate the magic of now, 'cause trust me, it's pretty awesome.

When you start basking in the present moment, that’s when you hit the self-care jackpot. You're telling yourself you deserve to feel joy, peace, and contentment right now. Not tomorrow, not in some distant future, but right this moment. Cool, huh?

So, how do we get better at this self-care thing? Check out these easy-to-follow tips:

  1. Meet your inner self: Sounds a bit metaphysical, right? But really it's just about getting in touch with your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. Basically, it's about treating your internal experience with curiosity and respect, like an unexplored territory waiting to be discovered. By understanding and accepting your emotions, you're one step closer to total self-awareness.

  2. Say goodbye to expectations: Expectations are tricky business. They can leave you feeling pretty bummed out wishing things were different. As Wayne Dyer said: Peace is the ability to see the world as it is rather than as you think it should be. So, let's aim to embrace the now instead. Welcome whatever life throws your way and take joy in those unexpected turns.

  3. Chill out with imperfections: Life's a messy business, right? Instead of trying to micromanage everything, lets celebrate the imperfections. They make life flavourful and unique, after all.

  4. Make 'me-time' non-negotiable: This one’s a no-brainer. Take some time out for yourself regularly. Find your vibe – be it a calming walk, devouring a good book, or pulling off some yoga moves. These are the things that recharge you and help you appreciate the moment even more.

So, here's the tea, friend. Self-care is way more than just Netflix and chill. It's about building a solid relationship with yourself and learning to relish the present moment. By being mindful, ditching expectations, celebrating the chaos, and carving out some quality 'me-time', you'll be living the self-care dream. And trust me, that's a place you want to be.

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