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How to Succeed as a Networking Event Host: 3 Key Principles for Success

Arriving in a New City Without a Single Contact to Hosting the No.1 Networking Event

When I arrived in Medellin I knew no one, had a craving for quality networking, and struggled to find anything decent… Given I had zero network, launching a brand new event seemed like a huge task, especially one of reasonable success! 

However, by embracing three key principles, I managed to quickly become the host of the No. 1 top voted network event in the city! These principles can guide you whether you're a networking event host or someone passionate about personal growth.

1. Be the Demonstration of the Experience You Seek

I had no network when I arrived, but I wanted to connect, collaborate, practice speaking, and have a good time. A friend advised, "If you want it, take responsibility for it and create it." So I did, and many others who felt the same way joined in! As a networking event host, embodying the experience you want to create is crucial. If you desire connection and collaboration, be the one to initiate it.

2. Make It About Others

Being new and unknown in the city, I realised that no one would care about me because everyone is busy caring about themselves. So, I focused on what they cared about—creating a platform for value creators to share their messages and for attendees craving real human connection. By prioritising others' needs, I naturally built authority and brought people together. This principle is vital for any networking event host aiming to create a more impactful and engaging environment.

3. Just Do Better Than Others

The status quo in business and life is often low, making it easy to stand out by doing what you say you'll do. Going above and beyond requires just a little extra effort. For instance, we recorded content for speakers to build their authority, which resulted in an EPIC free personal empowerment channel full of incredible inspiration and value on YouTube. You can check it out by searching "GIVE IT ALL Medellin."

Applying These Principles

Whether you're a networking event host or on a personal development journey, these principles can help you create lasting transformation. Leading with curiosity, responsibility, and a focus on others can elevate your experiences and results.

Practical Tips:

  • Initiate the Experience: Be proactive in creating the connections and opportunities you seek.

  • Serve Others: Focus on what others value and need to build a stronger community.

  • Exceed Expectations: A little extra effort can significantly impact and set you apart.


Curiosity and connection are powerful tools in personal leadership and event facilitation. By applying these principles, you can transform your events and personal growth journey into something extraordinary.


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