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Beyond the Illusion: Building a Sustainable Lifestyle without Affiliate Marketing

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Feeling a little fiery today, I've got something to say about Affiliate Marketing and the myth that it's the one-stop-shop solution to crafting your dream lifestyle. Four years ago, I was pulled into the world of affiliate marketing. It was sold to me as the golden key to unlocking life's grandeur.

But guess what? The promise was never fulfilled - not in the way they'd sold it. I invested a hefty $10,000, and within just 6 months, the only valuable realisation I had was this: I was far from having my life sorted out.

Lifestyle living in Bali built on values and purpose

The Wake-Up Call and Types of People I've Encountered

But it wasn't all gloom. It was a wake-up call, an opportunity to start figuring things out for myself. Now as someone who gone on to create online business and 'laptop lifestyle, I have also facilitated group mentoring sessions in these very communities and specialised in personal coaching for emerging entrepreneurs for over two years. It become glaringly obvious that anyone simply learning the ropes of affiliate marketing was never going to get them the marketed 'dream'.

Having coached in and observed many communities touting the promise of an ideal lifestyle, I've seen three types of people...

  1. Those who dabble, struggle, and ultimately quit.

  2. Those who get sucked into the grind with little to show for their efforts years down the line. But hey, Rome wasn't built in a day, right?

  3. The few who learned something about themselves, pivoted and went on to learn how to create and deliver genuine value. These folks, for the most part, now own businesses that provide the lifestyle they were promised.

The Misleading Narrative of Affiliate Marketing

So let me clarify: it's not affiliate marketing that gets my goat. It's how it's marketed. The systems they peddle may work, but certainly not in the way they're packaged with insanely low success rates!

After four years being highly involved in the industry and even personally knowing the top performers - I've yet to meet someone who has built a sustainable business (not just a job, a BUSINESS) focusing on the affiliate model that outperforms a decent salary, let alone justifies the hours you have to put in.

The Pivot: It's on You

True success in life demands the ability to pivot, navigate uncertainty, and make decisions. It's not about grinding away until your once spirited horse is nothing more than dust in the wind...

The Real Cost of Opportunity

Opportunity cost - that's the real kicker for us entrepreneurs. The longer we stick to something that isn't working, the more opportunities we lose to do something that does. That's why I've decided to step away from these communities.

The Way Forward: Create a Sustainable, Fulfilling Lifestyle

Ask me how to make money online? Google is your friend. But ask me how to create a sustainable, fulfilling lifestyle you can fall head over heels for... that's where it gets interesting...

The Science of Quality Living

Research supports that the quality of our life hinges on the quality of our relationships, and that must start with self. This is the approach that fast tracks you to more of truly what from life.

But what is Quality? I'm talking about living a life that's happier, healthier, more expressive, emotionally stable, connected, more abundant in all spheres, and, most importantly, a lifestyle that aligns with what YOU truly want!

Why Not Just Do What's Proven to Work for You?

I've witnessed this approach work for me, for those I've worked with, and for countless others backed by the scientific evidence.

So why not just do what's proven to work to give you more of what you want in life?


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