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Lifestyle Automation, Embracing Adversity, & Intentional Happiness with Legend James Rowdy

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Joined by the trailblazing titan of the Australasian NFT and Cryptocurrency space, James Rowdy.

Lifestyle Automation with James Rowdy

James Rowdy - Founder of Syndicate & Co-Founder of NFT APAC

He is a rebel who's carved out his own path, pushing against the status quo and crafting immense value that's resonated across the digital globe. He's not just another player; he's a game-changer, having got behind the curtains with the likes of the marketing powerhouses behind international phenomena like Mr. Beast, TikTok, and Instagram. This is a guy who knows how to bring the heat, leveraging automation not just for work, but to supercharge his life with more of what fires him up. This time we decided to record our chat, check it out below and the themes in which we bring to life and share with you.

Lifestyle Automation

Prepare to rethink everything you thought you knew about time and space as we explore the ruthless art of eliminating the mundane through lifestyle automation, and strategically crafting time to fuel business growth and nurture your most vital relationships.

The question isn't "Do we have enough time?" but "For what purpose are we freeing it up?" It's time to face the real challenge - it’s never been about managing time, it's about making bold decisions.

Embracing Adversities

We unmask the paradox of life, showing how our biggest adversities often lay the groundwork for our greatest triumphs. We're turning the tables on happiness, highlighting the illusion of it being a fixed destination but a wild ride full of highs and lows, and specifically how to manage this rollercoaster. Get ready to seize control of your internal states and ramp up the things that light your fire.

Intentional Happiness

We’re cracking open the codes of human psychology, and bring attention to intentional growth models that keep you laser-focused on scaling towards a life fuelled by purpose and meaning.

The hugely overlooked key to life success; forging deep, genuine connections is where the magic happens. It's time to bridge the gap that's tripping up countless entrepreneurs and start prioritising relationships.

We lay down some hard truths about personal development. It’s easy to say you ‘know’ but let’s let your results do the talking. So, are you ready to commit to your future self and say a resounding 'yes' to leveling up?

Audio Only Download - Click Here Prepare to have your mind blown in this 90-minute firestarter of a deep dive conversation. Tune in now if you dare! Connect with James Here Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn


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