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Your Identity 2.0
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Are you the kind of person who strives for excellence, give always 110% percent in all that you and others applaud all that you appear to be achieving…

And yet, you still feel something is off or not quite right that glass ceiling that seems to be holding you you down from what you already know is possible for you?

Welcome to Your Identity Challenge Members Area

This is our online community where us ambitious high-achievers come together to share, support, and challenge each other as comrades and battle partners on our mission for personal change. 

It is here we forge our refined Identity that is capable of capable of creating a reality we love!

Appy now

Could the reality that you experience day to day be uplifted by…

  • Creating more free time and energy to enjoy the things that are a priority in your life

  • Going all in on what is most important to have it all in life, rather than continuing the status quo of failing at the elusive work-life balance. 

  • Improving your relationships with more trust and confidence cultivate closer connections in all areas of your life

  • Developing even more effective leadership through improved self-awareness and emotional intelligence to become a model of demonstration to those around you

  • Forgetting about anxiety to naturally experience calmness, and relaxation while enjoying states of presence, focus, and flow.

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